W3C Korea Member's Workshop

21 Jul 2010

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Junghoon_Moon(MW20), Yeonsung_Choo(LGE), JongWoo_Lee(NIA), Hyunsoo_Lee(LGE), Youngmoo_Kown(KIST), Dongyoung_Lee(LGE), Masao_Isshiki(W3C/Keio), Kazuyuki_Ashimura(W3C/Keio), Michael_Smith(W3C/Keio), Hyejin_Park(ETRI), Kangchan_Lee(ETRI), Sun-hee_Youm(Samsung), Jinguk_Jeong(Samsung), Minkyo_In(ETRI), Seungyun_Lee(ETRI), Wonsuk_Lee(ETRI), Manyoung_Cho(Opera), Jonghong_Jeon(ETRI), Dolly_Lee(dcvb), Yung-ho_Park(dcvb)


Welcome, introductions

Seungyun: We will start the 2010 W3C Korean membership workshop.
... I would like to express my appreciation to SKT for providing the meeting venue
... We will start the 2010 W3C Korean membership workshop
... [giving an overview of the program]
... I would like to ask the participants to introduce themselves

Kangchan: W3C Korea office was established since 2002.
... I'm happy to meet you all at this workshop.
... In the last DAP meeting, LGT, Samsung, and many Korean companies were able to talk about future work plans
... I hope that this kind of opportunity will be strengthened and we can reach consensus on standardization issues.

Jonghong: I'm working on future web issues and pariticipating in mobile web standardization activities. Recently I am focusing on approaches to associate augment relality and web standards issues together.

[Skip the other's introduction]


Michael: The presentation I am providing is a single html page. ... which changes the state of the application using AJAX application
... this is part of html5 called hash change
... that the URL doesn't change but presenting the parts of the page

<Kangchan> HTML5 demo -> http://slides.html5rocks.com/

Michael: Web sockets - for chat applications, protocol done by IETF
... JS APIs- Notifications- providing notifications using the OS of the devices
... e.g. real time online auction notifications can be provided using Notifications

Michael: Drag and drop- when you drag something you can carry the data

Michael: Geolocation- showing positions, important for mobile devices, can get real time position of yourself while web browser running

Michael: New form field types- validates type of input in the fields
... client side real time validation
... without Java script
... Audio+Video- part of html dom, can use CSS and other html codes to control video on the web

Michael: Canvas- Drawing API supported by most of browsers, IE9, etc.
... WebGL - use Open GL capability of devices; applications would be mostly games, 3D games
... CSS Selectors - let you easily format and design webpagew

Michael: Columns- reformats columns depending on no. of columns you have; automatically adjusts webpage columns for devices with different resolutions
... Opacity - allows two levels of opacity; useful for web designers
... Rounded corners- control corners of borders
... Transitions - example of programming of CSS;
... allows dynamic behavior of objects
... Transforms - dynamic behavior of objects; will be very popular for web designers; can control objets easily without using java script

Seungyun: Asking for questions

Kangchan: What is the difference between html4 & 5 from the perspective of device manufactueres?

Michael: instead of just showing documetns, you can create applications, integrate video; easier to develop applications by third party developers; using browsers to interface with applications;
... You can use the kind of features you use from Flash, Silverlight with html5
... no need to download plug ins

HTML5 Japanese IG

Michael: everyone can use open source instead of using certain vendor applications

Kazuyuki's presentation starts

Kazuyuki: Introducting to W3C Keio office
... Several difficult issues on html5 being discussed-
... Japanese device vendors mention there should be some kind of extension for new devices required
... We have open discussions by both W3C members and non-members
... HTML5, SVG,
... discussed within Local IG which is useful to promote W3C's presence in local meetings;
... We have strong collaboration with Korea and Chian
... Web on TV Workshop to be held in 2-3 September 2010 in Tokyo Japan
... purpose of the workshop- identify use cases and requirements for smarter integration of Web tech, broadcasting tech, etc.
... Recently proposed WG- Notification WG, Model-based UI WG; XGs-Audio XG, HTML speech XG
... HTML speech incubator group charter's initiating members - Voxeo, MS, openstream, google, AT&T
... Asking for participant's expectations on W3C activities

Seungyun: Asking for questions

LGE: More information on Notification WG, Model-based UI WG?

Kazuyuki: purpose of model based UI - to create simple xml language; focuses on approaches to generate both html and xml at once

Michael: Notification WG- we only have 'draft' WG charter atm; W3C Advisory committee will review if there are any conflicts in work, and so on
... Web Notification WG creation decision will be made in a few weeks. This group will develop notification mechanisms to send notifications to platform layer.

Wonsuk: Questions on HTML5 Japanese Interest Group: Operation, meeting intervals, other interest groups in Japan?

Kazuyuki: F2F meeting is not required and it should be defined by W3G charter
... we are planning to set up a meeting asap
... we would like to collaborate with Korea

Seungyun: How Japanese HTML5 IG deliver your opinion to W3C HTML5 WG?

Kazuyuki: we are following W3C's charter and procedures

Michael: Since IGs are working in their own language, I think that it is important to provide reports on the work being done within each IG
... Regarding MS not standardizing DB language, having no single SQL syntax becomes the problem.; Oracle, MySQL all use different language; If there is a standard for DB langauges, all different companies would need to change their own languages; Companies don't like standardizing client side sql.; Instead, we have come up with Indexed DB and companies are implementing it.

<Kangchan> Mailing list for HTML5 JP IG -> http://lists.w3.org/ARchives/Public/public-html-ig-jp/

LG Electronics Joins W3C

LGE's presentation on "LG Electronics Joins W3C " starts

Dong-Young: AC rep of LGE
... Tentative membership started on July 13; We wanted to join W3C in July to participate in privacy workshop (hosted by Vodafone), DAP WG meeting
... Reasons for joining W3C - as web is evolving into an application platform for mobile phones and other devices, and being a mobile device manufacturer, it is important for us to follow on web standards
... Web is expanding to many devices, and web will be the technology for convergence;
... web has strong user experience on PC/web, phones
... We are interested in primarily on web application platform WGs (DAP, Web Applications, Geolocation)
... , HTML5 WG, TV/Media
... To summarize our focus areas are web tech on mobile phones, TV; and web technology for convergence

Seungyun: We are excited to have LGE as a new member

Michael: We are excited to follow on technology development in Korea and excited to have LGE as a new member
... Question - Does LGE have a software group working on browser development etc.?

Dong-Young: Yes we have a group developing software for mobile phones
... I'm not at marketing or product development division but I have some opinions that we can develop walled garden services on TVs

Michael: Users want to use services what they are already using with no extra charge on different devices.

Dong-Young: Apple and Google TV will break the walled garden

AR on the Web

Jonghong: Augmented Reality on the Web
... Recently, interests in AR on the web's has been increasing
... AR is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with computer generated virtula imagery
... i.e. mixed reality
... AR applications - sekai camera, yelp, my car finder, etc.
... Showing AR demos;
... AR platform consist of Visualization, Information ARchitecture, Context Awareness
... History of AR - started from 1970 and developed further with GPS and smartphones technologies
... Two trends of AR are 1) Visualization Approach; 2) Informative Approach
... Viewing two trends of AR respect to focus, UI, requirements, target devices, system type, ...
... AR Software - the most important software for AR is the AR browser
... geodata mapping, 2d 3d rendering, linking of websites to phones, etc. are important technologies
... Augmented Information for whom, for what, when, where, why, how should be identified
... AR contents service framework- AR contents provider provides content to users,

users need to use contents from different providers but due to interoperability issues it is not the case currently

Jonghong: standardization is required to resolve these issues
... why do we need AR browsers? - W3C considers to develop AR capabilities in the current browsers
... AR Interoperability issues being presented
... AR contents markup&format, 3D interactive AR/MR contents, AR data format are current standardization issues
... AR on the web - assumes web user agent using html5
... through HTTP +XHR
... presenting lists of current standards, working specs, and possible future items for web user agent
... ETRI proposed to establish a working group (IG or WG); working items to be included are HTML5, live video control, web application, Registration & 3D object integration, interaction &event processing
... AR on the web Workshop was held on 15-16 June 2010, Barcelona
... Layar's presentation on AR at the workshop - Layer owns an AR platform
... there were standardization issues raised for developing such platform such as requesting format, list of POIs, live and dynamic information, representation of stories and games, etc.
... POI working group was established after discussions
... AR standardization in other bodies - ISO/IEC JTC 1 SWG-planning, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC24, OMA CD WG - Mobile AR
... mobile AR work undergoing in LGE overlaps with work items in W3C and we need to clarify work items to be done in Korea

Michael: Can you tell me about Orientation API spec?

<kaz> orientation API

Taking Action as an W3C AC Rep.

Seungyun: Introduction to W3C Korea Office
... will be presented

Kangchan: Roles of AC representative - focal point of each member, AC rep is a communication channel notifies all the information from W3C to each membership company
... There are different authority to access W3C websites
... based on the type of user
... and different mailing lists which are accessible by AC Reps
... AC Reps analyze and decide which information to share and dispatch to their company thus it is very important that AC reps follow up on W3C acitivities
... AC Reps can vote on major decisions through questionnaires
... AC Rep-to-Team Communication - Each member's W3C activities depend on how active AC Reps will respond to W3C information
... AC Rep can participate in elections
... W3C Member Submission is an official proposal document to W3C which W3C will consider the document to decide on actions to be taken
... Members can submit joint Member Submission
... W3C Fellow is a staff of W3C who represents and works for W3C; Funding is provided by mother affiliation
... Member Internal Communication - AC Reps adjusts internal issues such as managing number of participants to each WG, .
... Member to Public - AC reps can provide, modify company information on the W3C website.
... Member Submission procedures
... Chairman's Handbook would provide useful information on the procedures in W3C
... Team-to-Member communication is done mainly by email and website
... There are weekly newsletters published
... AC Reps should keep up to date of their company information, take care of membership fee, member database
... Search function is available within mailing lists
... W3C Web on TV Workshop; 2-3 Sep 2010, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
... Planning to provide Korean, Chinese interpretation at the workshop
... considering the participants' country of origin
... Next AC meeting will be held on 1-5 Nov 2010, Lyon, France
... International Web Accessibility Semnars will be held on 6 Oct, NIA, Korea
... ISWC2010 meeting will be held on 8-11 Nov in Shanghai

Seungyun: W3C Korea Office Operation

Future Plan for W3C Korea Office

Seungyun: Web technology is increasingly becoming more significant in this technology era
... Our goals are to encourage and support of W3C activities to Korean members
... Regarding W3C issues, until now Mobile web and accessibility were major interests in Korea, but there are interests in other issues being raised nowadays. Korea currently has 6 members.
... Korean Government's need to participate in web technology is increasing
... Korean Government including KCC, MKE, MCST, MOPAS
... Mobile Web Forum became a W3C member to help SMEs to participate in W3C standardization activities
... There are questions about benefits of being a member of W3C as W3C has royalty free patent policy
... MWI work is almost finished now so there are also questions about issues to focus on within W3C
... Future plan - talks given by office staffs, support for member activity,
... we are trying to host W3C meetings in Korea
... so that Korean industry can be boosted up and take lead in some of the roles
... We are planning to initiate W3C HTML IG in Korea
... and also get consultation from Japanese office
... Establishing of authorized translation process, supporting of e-government activity, renewal of W3C homepage are under consideration atm
... I would like to introduce two participants at this workshop

Manyoung: Business and Technology Specialist
... We are aware of the need of having a close communication with business players
... Decision makers should be aware of the importance of web technology that we are planning to give presentations on such issues from conferences and events
... There is no decent procedures to provide information to the media and public that we are planning to develop appropriate channels
... I have experienced many manufacturers suffering with web standards and technologies and it is still going on that I thought that it is important for Korea to have a systematic approach within W3c to inform the industry and for the industry to stay updated and to lead the global industry
... This is why I have volunteered to be a Business and Technology Specialist at W3C Korea office, and I hope to promote web technologies widely in Korea

Discussion on WWW2014 Host in Korea

Yung-ho_park: 2014 WWW Conference overview- no. of participants expected- 1000
... Geographic balance of hosting country is considered in deciding host countries and we expect to host 2014 International WWW Conference in Daegu, Korea

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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